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Autism - Step Up to Speaking

6 Live online sessions with a  therapist

I provide therapy for children who may have autism or show delayed communication skills. Step Up to Speaking is an online therapy course to give you the skills to help your child overcome their difficulties with interacting and speaking.

You can expect your child to discover new ways to communicate with you, through turn-taking and making requests, and become more socially engaged as your child works towards speaking in a meaningful way. 

The sessions are delivered through online appointments from the comfort of your own home. You can also send videos in between sessions to show your new skills and get advice on how to adapt tasks to improve the quality of your child's interactions with you.

The Step Up to Speaking programme costs £480. Payments can be spread out to £160 per month for three months. The course is crammed full of tips and ideas to encourage speaking, and provides you with tasks to carry out in between sessions.

Mother and Child

“The autism journey is one that lasts a lifetime. Getting it right from the start can make an enormous difference!”

Serious Child

“I was told my son may never talk. I was literally heartbroken...I can't thank Lisa from Step Up Speech & Language enough...The only regret I have is I didn't do it sooner...Not only has she taught me so much on how to support and play with my son, she has supported me in ways she didn't have to, and I'll be forever grateful!" (Oliver's Mum)

If you are concerned about your child and want support to start straight away then please get in touch for a free consultation. 


Evidenced-based approaches are used to help your child achieve their potential and you don't need a diagnosis of autism to access this service.

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