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Speech and Language Therapy Service: Plymouth

Welcome to our Speech and Language Team in Plymouth. We help children who show delays with their speech and language. This can include:

  • Unclear speech.

  • Missing out sounds when speaking.

  • Replacing speech sounds with other sounds.

  • Speaking in mostly single words.

  • Struggling to understand instructions.

  • Finding it difficult to follow learning at school.

"In just a couple of sessions our little girl has come on leaps and bounds… very impressive work by the team."

(Sienna’s Mum)

We help children to communicate confidently and engage with learning!

We offer:

  • Assessment: identification of your child’s needs.

  • Early intervention: to produce the best outcomes.

  • Regular feedback: updates on your child’s progress.

  • Training: we work closely with your child’s setting to ensure your child receives daily practice - so they can make week on week progress.

  • Immediate support for your child - no waiting list!

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Plymouth Speech Delay Team

"Step Up worked brilliantly with our son to find out what motivated him and then tailored the speech sessions around that. He made steady progress throughout, and his self- confidence soared as a result! We would definitely recommend Step Up to support your child with their speech - they’ve made a real difference to ours! "

(Theo’s Mum)

Lisa and the team are dedicated to help children move forward with their speech and become confident talkers. Some children get stuck on certain sounds and can be difficult to understand. This leads to frustration and can restrict a child’s literacy learning at school.

We support children to use a range of sounds, to speak clearly and to improve their confidence with talking. Children make progress quickly through our fun and engaging therapy sessions.



"Within just a matter of sessions he was already learning new sounds and speaking clearer. We couldn’t be happier with the progress he has made. He speaks clearly, confidently and is understood by others!"

(Freddie’s Mum)

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Fleur and Esme

Most importantly, my child looked forward to the sessions. Step Up is brilliant at managing the child/parent/school dynamic too, so we are all working together."

(Louise’s Mum)

More children are starting school without the language skills needed for learning and research shows this impacts on a child's future success at school. We are on on a mission to help local children catch up so the gap doesn't widen - and your child can move forward confidently with their learning!


We help children to:

  • Use a wide range of vocabulary

  • Speak in age-appropriate sentences

  • Understand the language used in the classroom.


How does it work?
Step 1 : Give us a call! Here you can share your concerns and get advice.
Step 2 : Book a relaxed assessment at your home.
Step 3:  Watch your child make progress as they attend weekly therapy sessions. 

Where does therapy take place?
Therapy usually takes place at your child’s school. This takes the pressure off you, and allows us to work with the staff who see your child regularly at their preschool or school setting. We can also see your child at their home or online.

How likely is progress?
Very likely! Most of the parents we work with notice their child’s speech and language skills improve immediately. Children we work with are very proud to show off their new skills and we support this by sending home activities so your child can show you how well they have done! 

My child hasn’t started talking yet. Can you help?
Definitely! Use the contact form on this website to tell Lisa and the team about your concerns and we’ll be in touch to discuss the best next steps for you and your family.

Do you work with people of all ages?
Although we would love to offer treatment, support and care for both children and adults we currently work with families to treat only children at the moment.

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