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Plymouth Autism Team

Welcome to our speech and language service: Plymouth Autism Team. We help children who:

  • Aren't yet talking in a meaningful way .

  • Prefer objects to people.

  • Don't always respond to their name.

  • Aren't using appropriate eye-gaze to communicate.​

.....Or maybe you are concerned your child has autism, and just want our advice for now.

"Plymouth Autism Team supported us with an assessment for our son. We've been very impressed with their insight and support. They were able to answer our questions and get a good understanding of our son's needs. I'd thoroughly recommend Plymouth Autism Team to anyone - especially those who have been stuck on waiting lists and are wanting a prompt, honest and proactive approach."

( Tom's Dad)

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You've come to the right place!
Plymouth Autism Team specialises in supporting pre-verbal children to work towards speaking and meaningful communication. ​


We offer:

  • Autism assessment - specialist assessment that evidences your child's strengths and needs.

  • Advice and guidance - to help improve your child's communication.

  • Autism intervention - direct therapy for your child that's tailored for their needs.

  • Training - to help the staff who work with your child support their needs best.

Autism Diagnosis: We can help

Describing your child’s unique perspective and challenges is not always easy during a time-limited clinic appointment. We can help you by collecting evidence and outlining the range and quality of your child's communication strengths and needs, and offer advice on the next steps. We use the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) assessment which is considered the gold standard assessment for use in the diagnosis of autism and can assist you in obtaining a formal diagnosis.

Mother and Child

"Plymouth Autism Team is amazing. I've been concerned about my child for years and it's been so great to talk with Lisa. She really understands and helps me explain to other professionals what my concerns are. Without Plymouth Autism Team, I'd still be tearing my hair out."

( Alfie's Mum)

Difficulties Accessing Autism Services?

You can receive our help with, or without, a diagnosis and we can provide therapy wherever you are on the journey. For you, this may mean:

  • Having concerns about your child and wanting to speak to a skilled clinician before moving forward.

  • Waiting for your referral to be accepted on the autism pathway.

  • Being on a waiting list but wanting help now.

  • Having received a diagnosis but wondering, ‘What happens next?’

  • Having completed your 6-12 sessions with the NHS but still wanting support and intervention.

Parents often describe how difficult the autism journey has been - so we decided to act. That's why we are excited to offer our new speech and language services through our Plymouth Autism Team.

“I was told my son may never talk. I was literally heartbroken. I can't thank Plymouth Autism Team enough. The only regret I have is that I didn't do it sooner....I'll be forever grateful!"

( Robbie's Mum)

Autism Services:

all fees are subject to an additional 20% VAT charge

Autism Assessment = £250 (includes written feedback)

Step Up's founder, Lisa Taylor-Jones is a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and an Accredited Assessor of Autism.

She will visit your home to meet you and your child and will administer the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS). This is a play based assessment to measure the number and quality of your child's social communication and interaction skills.


She will provide you with detailed written feedback about your child's:

  • attention and listening skills

  • social communication and interaction skills

  • language skills

  • play skills

  • sensory behaviours

  • strengths and needs

Lisa and Child

This feedback helps other health care professionals understand your child's needs and can also be used as evidence to help your family claim extra long-term funding, without waiting for a diagnosis.

To find out more about additional benefits your child may be entitled to please click on this link:

Direct Intervention = from £80 per session

We visit your child at their home, preschool or school setting to deliver direct 1:1 therapy sessions. Your child's interaction skills with others will improve as we support their language and communication skills. Staff within these settings will also receive our specialist training and guidance so they can deliver our therapy tasks with your child in between Step Up therapy sessions. That way, we are all working together to boost your child' s progress.

"Our son was 2 - with no signs of talking. He regularly had tantrums due to his frustration and inability to communicate. The input changed everything.... He can now say a few words and the tantrums have stopped. Our bond with him has increased as he's  a happier child. I highly recommend Plymouth Autism Team if you have concerns about your child!"

(Harry's Dad) 

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Can my child have therapy while they are on a waiting list?
Yes! We can help your child learn new skills, connect with others, and start word learning, while you wait to be seen by the NHS. We will regularly update you about your child's progress and you can use this information as you move along the autism pathway.

I'm worried about my child, but I'm not considering a diagnosis. Can you help?
Yes! We often work with children who show delays in their communication initially. However, they respond really well to our therapy because it's specifically tailored to help move them forward. Some children just need a little bit of support to help them on their way. 

I was told to wait, should I?
Early intervention gives children the best possible chance to develop their full potential. If you are concerned about your child we recommend getting help put in place quickly so your child can make real progress.

Will my child talk?
No autism intervention or approach can guarantee this. However, at Plymouth Autism Team we use approaches that have been researched and evidenced to give your child the best possible chance to get speaking. 

What changes might I see in my child? 
Many happy parents tell us that they now feel more connected with their child as they understand their needs better. We often see children start to use communication in new ways -  to ask for things, and to share moments with others. You should see an improvement in your child's attention on a range of tasks, more eye-contact and improved play skills and word learning.   

But don' t just take our word for it....

Have a look at our 5 star Google reviews from parents who have seen their children make fantastic progress while we have provided therapy!

Get in touch with Lisa and the team today!


Get in touch with Lisa and the team!

Tel: 07583 502155            

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