Speech and Language for Parents

If you are concerned about any aspect of your child's speech, language or communication, don't worry - you've come to the right place!

As a Speech and Language Therapist I have specialist knowledge and skills to support your child and am experienced in working with a wide range of communication difficulties.

I offer:

  • an approachable and friendly therapy service 

  • assessment and information gathering sessions

  • accurate description of your child's difficulties

  • recommendations and targets to resolve your child's difficulties

  • fun and engaging sessions

  • frequent reviews of your child's progress

  • evidence-based therapies to get results

  • autism screening and identification

  • immediate support for your child - no waiting list

Childrens Speech and Language Therapist Plymouth Devon

“I just think you’re amazing. I’ve been concerned about my child for years and it’s been so great to talk to you. You really understand and can help me explain to other professionals what my concerns are so they understand. Without you, I’d still be tearing my hair out.”  ( Alfie's Mum)

Costs and Services:

Telephone Consultation = Free

This is the starting point for most parents. I’m very happy to listen to your concerns  and advise you on the best next steps. Most often I can give you some free advice to support you child’s speech and language development within this free consultation.

Initial assessment and feedback = £95 (60-90 mins approx.)

If you are still concerned about your child’s needs I can meet with your child, either at home or in school, and use formal or informal assessment to identify their difficulties and recommend actions to benefit your child.

Therapy sessions = £75 (45-60 mins approx.)

Here I will meet your child for therapy sessions either at your home or by visiting their school. I will use evidence-based therapies to help your child make progress and I will share strategies and resources with you and class staff.

Other services are available upon request.

E.g. report writing for:

  • School transitions

  • Autism Assessment

  • GP onward referral

New Service: Step Up Access Service = £160 for 4 weeks

I feel passionately that all children's speech, language and communication needs should be supported in a timely way, that's why I have created this new early access service!

The Step Up Access Service is now offering parents the opportunity to be trained to deliver speech and language interventions specific to your child's individual needs. I will provide you with specialist guidance and support online, over the phone and in face to face meetings. You will receive individualised, child-friendly resources to work on your child's difficulty and reviews to help measure progress and build your child's confidence.

(This service is not suitable to all children due to the complex nature of some speech, language and communication difficulties. Please discuss your child's suitability during the initial telephone consultation. Spaces are limited.)