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Speech and Language for Schools

Step Up Speech and Language works with Primary and Secondary schools in Plymouth to close the gap for their most vulnerable children.

Why is speech and language therapy important?

  • Speech, language and communication needs are the most common type of special educational need (SEN) in 4 to 11-year-old children, and numbers are rising.

  • Upwards of 50% of children can start primary school with communication difficulties.

  • Language continues to develop though adolescence impacting on wider reading, social experiences and educational engagement in secondary schools.

  • Communication difficulties put children at greater risk of poor literacy, mental health issues and poorer employment outcomes going into adulthood.

Primary School Service:

This is a systematic school-wide service providing universal, targeted and specialist support, along with staff-training and workshops.

The Step Up School Service includes:

  • Screening and interventions throughout the year for every child in Foundation to ensure ‘school readiness’

  • Identifying and meeting the needs of children with SEND

  • Up-skilling staff to improve communication in the classroom and with individual children

  • Supporting your applications for EHC top-up funding

  • Answering all your SEN questions

  • Immediate support for at risk children – no waiting for help

Childrens Speech and Language Therapist Plymouth Devon

Are you happy with the speech and language therapy support you are getting?

Step Up Speech and Language offers schools the opportunity to buy in additional speech and language therapy for their pupils.


We are experienced in supporting children and young people with long-term needs who are described as having speech and language problems 'in-line' with their other difficulties. If a child is having difficulty, we will support their communication and participation in the class-room. 

“The children in my class have definitely made progress over the past year. The clarity in their speech is much better. It's also really helpful receiving the reviews to support targets on their IEPs. Lisa is really approachable if I have any quesions or need advice on how to support individual children. Thank you!”  (KS1Teacher)

Childrens Speech and Language Therapist Plymouth Devon

“We were unsure what we could do to help him. Now you work with him; he’s talking in class and mixing with other children at lunchtime- and that’s really what we always wanted for him. It’s made such a difference!” 

(School SENCo)

Secondary Schools Service:

Step Up Speech and Language provides specialist secondary support on an individual basis.  The focus is for each young person to gain skills which will be used in the classroom.  

These include:

  • Managing change and the emotions around transition

  • Promoting well-being and SEMH 

  • Encouraging positive relationships and participation in education

Step Up Speech and Language will:

  • Meet with school staff and/or parents to discuss concerns

  • Observe and assess to identify needs and support

  • Provide entry and exit reports to measure progress

  • Use evidence-based interventions to get results

  • Deliver 1:1, peer-based and group therapy to build classroom skills

  • Offer additional support with our partners at Pioneer Project to befriend, mentor and coach

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