Step Up Speech and Language is on a mission to get children communicating successfully and engaged with learning!

Every parent wants their child to be happy at school and engage with learning. However some children are held back because of their communication difficulty.

Step Up Speech and Language recognises how communication issues can restrict a child’s performance at school, or their nursery setting, and impact on their ability to make and maintain friendships. That’s why we offer immediate support to help children become confident communicators.

To work with us, simply request a telephone chat with a therapist, then arrange a suitable time for a relaxed assessment at your home. You can then schedule a date for therapy to start.

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Childrens Speech and Language Therapist Plymouth Devon

Step Up Speech and Language has helped many children overcome their difficulties to become successful communicators. If you work with us, your child will be easier to understand and perform better at school, as you watch their confidence grow!

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