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Children's Counselling in Plymouth 

Welcome to Step Up Speech and Language, where we are committed to empowering young people through effective communication. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new counselling service, designed to provide comprehensive support to primary and secondary aged children.
We support children’s social skills and emotional well-being and encourage good mental health through effective communication of the difficulties they may face:

•    difficulty thinking things through 
•    low self-esteem 
•    anxiety

•    challenging behaviour
•    difficulties with conversation skills
•    transitioning to secondary school

•    difficulties with making as well as managing friendships
•    difficulties with school attendance or engagement with learning
•    understanding a new diagnosis and what it means for your child and your family

I contacted Step Up concerned about my daughter's behavioural issues - the assessment was professional and Lisa immediately built a good rapport with my daughter. The whole process has been straightforward and Lisa is amazing at identifying areas to work on and putting your mind at ease.

Our Approach - a unique blend of expertise

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of skilled professionals in speech and language therapy, special education needs teaching as well as SEMH and behaviour support. Our qualified psychotherapists provide emotional and psychological support to individuals facing a range of challenges. Through a child-centred approach, we aim to enhance mental well-being, build resilience, and facilitate personal growth. This unique blend of expertise allows us to offer a well-rounded and personalised service of counselling and social, emotional and mental health support (SEMH).

Counselling and SEMH interventions - Help when your child needs it.

Navigating the teenage years can be a complex and challenging journey, while facing a variety of emotional, social, and academic hurdles. At Step Up Speech and Language, our new counselling service is designed to address the unique needs of children and young people, providing support and guidance as they navigate these formative years.
1. Communication and Peer Relationships:
Challenge: Struggling with effective communication in peer relationships, leading to isolation or misunderstandings.
Intervention: Our speech and language therapists work on improving interpersonal communication skills, helping teenagers express themselves confidently and navigate social interactions with ease.
2. Academic Stress and Learning Differences:
Challenge: Feeling overwhelmed by academic pressure, especially for those with learning differences.
Intervention: Our SEN teaching professionals collaborate with individuals to develop personalised learning strategies, creating an environment where every teenager can fulfil their academic potential.
3. Emotional Well-being and Mental Health:
Challenge: Dealing with stress, anxiety, or other mental health concerns.
Intervention: Our qualified psychotherapists provide a safe space for teenagers to explore and express their emotions, equipping them with coping mechanisms and strategies to enhance mental well-being.
4. Self-Identity and Self-Esteem:
Challenge: Struggling with self-identity and self-esteem during a time of significant personal development.
Intervention: Our counsellors focus on building a positive self-image, fostering resilience, and supporting teenagers in their journey of self-discovery.

It's easy to work with us!

Step 1 : Get in touch and arrange a free telephone consultation with either a speech and language therapist or a qualified psychotherapist.

Step 2 : Book a relaxed assessment at your home or at your child's school.

Step 3 :  Your child will be offered either SEMH support, or be referred to see a qualified psychotherapist for counselling and talking therapies to start straight away.


What is the difference between counselling and SEMH support?
Counselling primarily focuses on emotional and psychological well-being, and is provided by qualified counsellors and psychotherapists. SEMH support has a broader scope, addressing social, emotional, and mental health needs, and is implemented in educational settings with a focus on developing skills for successful engagement in academic and social contexts.

Where does therapy take place and how much is it?
At Step Up Speech and Language, we understand the importance of providing convenient and accessible therapy services for your child. In-school therapy supports collaborative working with teachers and other school professionals, fostering a team approach to your child's development. We can also arrange home visits to elimate the need to take time off work to take your child to a separate clinic. Each therapy session costs £80 plus VAT.

How confidential is the counselling process for teenagers?
Confidentiality is a crucial aspect of the counselling process. Information shared during counselling sessions is kept confidential, except in situations where there is a risk of harm to the young person or others. Our counsellors will discuss the limits of confidentiality during the initial sessions, ensuring transparency and trust in the therapeutic relationship.

My child has diffiulty talking about their emotions. Can you help?
Yes we can! At Step Up we take an innovative approach to supporting children who have additional needs with language and communication. We provide them with the toolkit to talk about their inner world so they can benefit from talking therapies and interventions at a level your child can understand and engage with.

Child sad in corner of Library

Swift access to therapy offers a range of benefits that can significantly impact your child's progress and well-being. Our services are tailored to the unique needs and experiences of each child, providing a safe and supportive space for them to express themselves. Our goal is to empower young people with the skills and resilience needed to overcome challenges, build healthy relationships, and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

We can help you now 

Step Up Speech and Language is here to support your child on their journey towards improved communication, enhanced learning, and overall well-being.

Take the next step with us!


Get in touch with Lisa and the team!

Tel: 07583 502155            

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